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FASBA, LLC Contract CFOs Small Business Startups
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As a small or medium sized business owner
do you find yourself wondering where all of your cash has gone?

Do you know if the orders you work so hard to fill on time meet your customers' quality standards or even if they are putting money in you pocket?

Has technology been a help or a hindrance?


Does it seem like there is never any time for you to chart a course for your business or develop a plan for getting new customers? Is your work schedule so hectic that you don't feel comfortable any time off? Do you feel your business is controlling you instead of you controlling your business?


Are you thinking about owning your own business and aren't sure whether you should buy an existing business, invest in a franchise, or just start from scratch? Are you worried about whether a Sole Proprietorship, sub-S corporation or LLC works best for you. Do you wonder where to go for answers and expert advice?

Now You Can Turn To FSBA, Providers of Innovative Solutions to Today's Business Challenges


How we help Our Clients

  • Provide Valuable Insight, Ideas, and Recommendations
  • Develop Action Plans to Meet Operational Challanges
  • Implement Process and Communications Improvement Strategies
  • Follow-up to Ensure Expected Outcomes, Growth, and Profits

Whether it is completing special projects, maximizing opportunities, addressing complex challenges and issues, filling knowledge gaps, providing interim leadership or management, or mentoring and coaching FSBA can help with practical, 'Out of the Box' thinking solutions.


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